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Upcoming Lee Holden Events

May 15, 2016:  Qi Gong for Manifestation – Santa Cruz, CA
With special guests Mark Nicholson and Lee Holden, Sr.
Registration coming soon!

Join us live, in-person or online, to set clear vision for yourself, in any area of your life. Infuse this with thought, energy, and emotion, then release them for the universe to manifest.

June 26, 2016:  Qi Gong for Summer – Santa Cruz, CA
Registration coming soon!

Join us live, in-person or online, to cultivate Qi for summer, the season of the fire element, joy, and the heart. 

NOTE - We've made big changes to our Teacher Training program, new Immersion Programs, and Medical Qi Gong for 2016!  

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2016 Santa Cruz, CA:                     

(Santa Cruz Chi Center)

May 23 - 27: Level 4: Taoist Mysticism & Inner Alchemy

May 30 - June 3:  Medical Qi Gong – Level 2

July 18 - 22:  Level 3: Tao Yin and Tai Chi

2016 Lenox, MA:

(New Location! Eastover Estate & Retreat Center)

August 8 - 12: Medical Qi Gong - Level 2

Discover Qi: A Six-Week Journey
to Health and Vitality -
An Online Course
This beginner’s online course combines in-depth teachings with easy-to-follow exercises. Includes:
• Six Online Video Sessions
• Audio Teachings
• Written Course Text
• Personal Journaling Exercises
• Lee’s Qi Workout AM/PM DVD
• Bonus Courses: "Beginning Flow" and "The Flow Continues"

$99.00       Lee Holden

Qi Gong for Health & Healing Kit
This complete training course shows
you how to unleash the power of
your life-force energy.
• 127-Page Workbook
• 5 DVDs
• 6 CDs
• 34 Cards

Price: $99.83

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The Healing Sounds: Transform Stress into Vital Energy - An Online Course
This online course teaches how to use healing sounds give you greater emotional balance.  Includes:
• Online Workbook
• 9 Audio Lectures and Meditations
• 2 Online Video Practices
• Personal Journaling Exercises

Price: $29.95

Lee Holden

Private Skype Session with Lee Holden

$250 for 50 minute private Skype Session
$700 for three 50-minute private Skype Sessions

Lee Holden

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