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June 26, 2016:  Qi Gong for Summer – Santa Cruz, CA
Registration coming soon!

Join us live, in-person or online, to cultivate Qi for summer, the season of the fire element, joy, and the heart. 

NOTE - We've made big changes to our Teacher Training program, new Immersion Programs, and Medical Qi Gong for 2016!  

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2016 Santa Cruz, CA:                     

(Santa Cruz Chi Center)

May 23 - 27: Level 4: Taoist Mysticism & Inner Alchemy

May 30 - June 3:  Medical Qi Gong – Level 2

July 18 - 22:  Level 3: Tao Yin and Tai Chi

2016 Lenox, MA:

(New Location! Eastover Estate & Retreat Center)

August 8 - 12: Medical Qi Gong - Level 2

Discover Qi: A Six-Week Journey
to Health and Vitality -
An Online Course
This beginner’s online course combines in-depth teachings with easy-to-follow exercises. Includes:
• Six Online Video Sessions
• Audio Teachings
• Written Course Text
• Personal Journaling Exercises
• Lee’s Qi Workout AM/PM DVD
• Bonus Courses: "Beginning Flow" and "The Flow Continues"

$99.00       Lee Holden

Qi Gong for Health & Healing Kit
This complete training course shows
you how to unleash the power of
your life-force energy.
• 127-Page Workbook
• 5 DVDs
• 6 CDs
• 34 Cards

Price: $99.83

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The Healing Sounds: Transform Stress into Vital Energy - An Online Course
This online course teaches how to use healing sounds give you greater emotional balance.  Includes:
• Online Workbook
• 9 Audio Lectures and Meditations
• 2 Online Video Practices
• Personal Journaling Exercises

Price: $29.95

Lee Holden

Private Skype Session with Lee Holden

$250 for 50 minute private Skype Session
$700 for three 50-minute private Skype Sessions

Lee Holden

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