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"A great complement to physical therapy. This program is a great way to increase range of motion, get blood flowing, and promote flexibility."

- Katie Milano

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7 Minutes of Magic book

7 Minutes of Magic book



Fast, unique fitness routine to help anyone jump-start their day and relax at night.

In 7 Minutes of Magic, Lee Holden shows readers how they can feel better than ever-with more energy and less stress every day-in only seven minutes. Why seven minutes? According to Eastern philosophy, in seven minutes people can transform the energy in their bodies. Holden brings together the best of Eastern fitness-qi gong, yoga, tai chi-as well as Western exercise to give readers a quick, practical routine in the morning and the evening that will dramatically enhance their energy and fitness levels each day.

The morning workout wakes up the body-with flowing movements to jump-start the muscles and mind for the day ahead. Like a morning cup of coffee-but without the caffeine crash-the effects of this seven-minute routine last all day. In the evening, the workout clears stress and tension from the body, calms the mind, and promotes sound, restorative sleep. A healthy alternative to an evening cocktail, this program will help readers unwind as never before. In addition to the seven-minute routine that is perfect for time-pressed workdays, the book provides further practices for more relaxed weekends, as well as alternative exercises for back and neck pain. Holden also offers nutritional tips and advice on simple lifestyle changes that readers can incorporate into their day to enhance the exercise program. Illustrated with one hundred step-by-step, black-and-white photographs and accompanied by how-to instructions, 7 Minutes of Magic brings the ancient secrets of Eastern "magic" for the body and mind to readers everywhere.

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