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"Finally, a well-produced effective exercise program for my clients to use at home."

- Jennifer Lokey, Acupuncturist
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The Santa Cruz Chi Center

Lee Holden
Recharge, Refresh, Re-energize!

The Chi Center offers classes in a wide variety of disciplines in mind/ body fitness. Specializing in qi gong, yoga, tai chi, and pilates, the Chi Center is dedicated to helping students tap into their inner potential for lifelong wellness. At the Chi Center you can take classes from one of our many expert teachers and discover an exercise program that best suits your healthcare and wellness needs.

The serene 1200 square foot sustainably designed movement room is filled with warmth, beautiful artwork, and energy saving lighting. Each month, the center hosts teachers from around the world, including Taoist Master, Mantak Chia from Thailand, Dan Milman, author of The Peaceful Warrior, as well as ongoing weekly classes taught by local experts. An integral part of sustaining a balanced lifestyle is learning how to delve into your own healing power through movement and awareness. Whether you are just beginning your practice, or are an advanced student, you will find a program that is right for your level and a teacher who can offer the support and guidance you need. We invite you to participate and join a community class in qi gong, tai chi, yoga, or meditation before or after your treatment!