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"This traditional physician was blown away by the success of something I can't quite understand. I am very pleased! My body feels great. I can't recommend Lee more highly."
--Irv Olander, MD
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Lee Holden Introduces Health and Healing Kit on


For Immediate Release:

Lee Holden Introduces Health and Healing Kit on

Santa Cruz, California – United States – May 10, 2011 – PBS favorite and internationally renowned Qi Gong master Lee Holden has released his new Qi Healing Kit.  Lee’s personal mission is to help people overcome obstacles in life through the use of Qi Gong techniques.  He spoke more about the new product in a statement released from his Chi Center in Santa Cruz.


"Awaken your inner healing power," Lee encourages.  "We all want more energy,

vitality, and the ability to heal ourselves in a natural effortless way.  We all have this

potential, it just needs to be activated."


The complete course contains a variety of multimedia helpful in creating balance, harmony and self-healing within the practitioner.  Included in the kit are 2 CD’s containing healing sounds to be used in conjunction with meditation to help detoxify the body as well as provide harmony of the mind and body.  There is also a DVD that contains simple breathing exercises combined with acupressure techniques.   

The health and healing kit is meant to aid in rejuvenation through the powerful channeling of energy through the body.  A 52-page workbook containing valuable self-assessments, journal exercises, and instructions integrate with the DVD and CD’s to provide complete guidance and support on this journey with Lee. Finally there are 20 Qi cards imprinted with quotations, insights and tips designed to provoke thought and aid in creating both daily focus and new ways of perceiving life.  


"There's nothing more important than health.” Lee Explains, “In the Qi Healing Kit, practitioners learn how to clear tension, open the body, activate healing energy, and create inner harmony and balance.  Not only do you get healthier, you feel completely recharged and rejuvenated!"

To find out more about the Qi Healing Kit and other Qi Gong products, visit Lee’s web site at  


Lee Holden