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"Finally, a well-produced effective exercise program for my clients to use at home."
--Jennifer Lokey, Acupuncturist
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Lee Holden Makes “Discover Qi” Available on his Web Site


For Immediate Release:

Lee Holden Makes “Discover Qi” Available on his Web Site

Santa Cruz, California – United States – May 10, 2011 – Following the launch of his new web site, PBS favorite and internationally known Qi Gong master, Lee Holden has made his Discover Qi course available online.  Before its launch, he had discussed the need for a stronger internet presence.  When contacted, Lee explained his motivations behind making the course available via the web site.


“Every day it is my goal to help someone regain balance in their life” he explained.  “I see people all the time who suffer from stress, fatigue, depression and many other issues related to their Qi.  By making Discover Qi available at, we hope to help more people overcome these things through the use of Qi Gong techniques.”

Discover Qi is a beginner’s guide to improving life through the use of easy to follow Qi exercises.  The course is six weeks long and helps shows how Qi energy is beneficial to the body.  Included is a Qi work out that teaches simple exercises that can help people achieve greater vitality and self healing.   Some of the techniques taught in the program are meditation, acupressure and breathing exercises.

“Using these exercises in conjunction with the discussion will allow people to experience the sensations associated with Qi energy,” he answered when asked about the course.  “Each portion of the course deals with a different aspect of energy focus and they all follow a progression that builds on the previous portion.  It is designed this way so that an effective balance may be achieved through practice and understanding.”

People who have decided to practice Qi gong techniques report amazing changes in their life.  Many of those are people who previously suffered from serious health issues.  Thanks to the benefits provided by Qi Gong techniques, they are now able to move through day to day life with renewed vitality.  We caught up with one of Lee’s students to ask her if it really works.


“Since I discovered Qi Gong, my life has completely turned around” she stated.  “I used to suffer from severe depression.  It seemed like I had no reason left to be happy and my days had become a dull blur.  A friend told me about Qi Gong and introduced me to Lee.  Ever since I started practicing Qi, I have begun to smile more and find meaning in my life again.”

For more information about Lee’s course, Discover Qi, you can visit his site  In celebration of his new web site the price has been lowered from the regular $99.95 to $39.95 for people who want to experience Qi and how it can improve their life.  In addition, Lee offers many other books and programs designed to promote self healing and spiritual awareness.  

Lee closed the interview with these statements “By introducing Qi Gong practices in their life, people will become full of vitality, healthy, emotionally balanced and spiritually connected.  This creates inner balance that leads to longevity and a deep sense of purpose in life.” 


Lee Holden