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Dear Lee I am 79 yers old and tried one DVD. Next tried another, and now have 5. I do 2 every single day. This is a wonderful work you do. Everything about the tapes is so beneficial, music and all. Best of all it touches the inner world. Thank you so much,
Lee Marie
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Articles by Lee Holden
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Qi Gong for Weight Loss
Oriental Medicine, Winter 2010

Qi Gong for Weight Loss
AcuFinder, Winter, 2007

Dan Tien Breathing: Connecting to the Center
AcuFinder, Fall, 2007

Qi Gong: The Remedy for Stress
AcuFinder, Summer, 2007

Qi Gong: The Art of Effortless Power
AcuFinder, Spring, 2007

Bodywork and Chi Kung at the Movies
Satna Cruz Sentinel, May 18, 2001

The Healing Tao
The Empty Vessel, Spring, 1995