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"My friend Olympia is an amazing person.  She does Qigong almost every day, and manages to avoid being in a wheelchair by sheer will, I think.  She...sits in a chair to do Qigong... It will be so great for her to do the modified exercises you show in QiGong for Seniors... What a wonderful thing to offer people like Olympia!  Please pass along my thanks to them for doing this."
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Articles by Lee Holden
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Qi Gong for Weight Loss
Oriental Medicine, Winter 2010

Qi Gong for Weight Loss
AcuFinder, Winter, 2007

Dan Tien Breathing: Connecting to the Center
AcuFinder, Fall, 2007

Qi Gong: The Remedy for Stress
AcuFinder, Summer, 2007

Qi Gong: The Art of Effortless Power
AcuFinder, Spring, 2007

Bodywork and Chi Kung at the Movies
Satna Cruz Sentinel, May 18, 2001

The Healing Tao
The Empty Vessel, Spring, 1995