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"I'm so excited about all the positive things that Qi Gong has brought to my life. Lee is right! The more you do -- the younger you get.   Just today someone thought I was  50 - so in the 18 + months I've been doing Qi Gong,  I've become 27 years younger.  How about that!"

-Margie Watts

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Going Deeper 4 Pack

Going Deeper 4 Pack


DVDs that are as enlightening as they are invigorating.
Not only is Qi Gong great for the body -- it improves strength, flexibility, and balance -- but it does wonders for the mind, too. Follow master Qi Gong instructor Lee Holden as he shows you how to use the body’s own life force, or Qi, to cultivate focus, creativity, and a positive outlook on life.

Qi Gong for More Energy
Boost your energy levels the natural way, drawing from your own inner well of vitality.
Qi Gong: Deeper Flow
Dive deeper into Qi Gong with new movements and breathing techniques.
Qi Gong: Moving Meditation
Center yourself with a day or evening routine that helps the mind, body, and spirit.
Qi Gong for Deep Sleep
Flush away the stress and worry of the day with a soothing evening routine.
All four DVDs are shot in lifelike, high-definition widescreen and present Lee against beautiful backdrops: awesome sandstone mountains, deep blue skies, and calming waters.

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