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"Qi Gong is such a powerful resource for patients to do for themselves. My clients are thrilled with the results."

- Karen Jew, Acupuncturist

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Lee Holden Master Collection

Lee Holden Master Collection


Harness Your Inner Qi (For Just About Anything)
In addition to the overall energy, clear mindedness, and strength that you will enjoy from Qi Gong, it is also very useful for specific benefits, such as reducing stress, losing weight, or lessening lower back pain. This collection of 14 titles, 9 Meditation CDs, Book, Box Set (5 DVD, 6 Audios & workbook) is the ultimate “go-to” resource in case something is ailing you; before the doctors and drug stores, see if your body has it’s own solution.
• Qi Gong Flow for Beginners
Learn how easy it is to use Qi Gong to tap into your body’s life force.
Qi Gong for Stress
Quiet your mind with this combination of gentle exercise and relaxation techniques.
Qi Gong for Upper Back and Neck Pain
Target these areas and move more fluidly, with greater balance, and reduced muscular tension.
Qi Gong for Low Back Pain

Open, stretch, and bring increased circulation to the lower back.
Qi Gong: The Flow Continues
Clear away stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve flexibility as the flow continues.
7 Minutes of Magic (AM and PM Routines)
Maintain balance and harmony anytime of the day – or night.
Qi Gong for Seniors
Restore youthful vigor, energy, and overall well-being.
Qi Gong for Healthy Joints and Bones
Regenerate natural lubricants and rejuvenate bones.
Qi Gong for Weight Loss
Jump-start your metabolism, strengthen your core, and reduce cravings with this revitalizing routine.
Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion
Create a more efficient metabolism, improve assimilation of food, and heal digestive problems.
Qi Gong for More Energy
Boost your energy levels the natural way, drawing from your own inner well of vitality.
Qi Gong: Deeper Flow
Dive deeper into Qi Gong with new movements and breathing techniques.
Qi Gong: Moving Meditation
Center yourself with a day or evening routine that helps the mind, body, and spirit.
Qi Gong for Deep Sleep

Flush away the stress and worry of the day with a soothing evening routine.
Meditation for Health and Healing CD
Experience a sense of extraordinary peace and relaxation with this relaxing audio CD.

Qi Gong for Health & Healing Box Set (Sounds True)
7 Minutes of Magic Book
Your Body of Light CDs (Sounds True)

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