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"Finally, a well-produced effective exercise program for my clients to use at home."
--Jennifer Lokey, Acupuncturist

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Qi Gong Starter Set 4 Pack

Qi Gong Starter Set 4 Pack


Start a complete stress relief, energy-revitalizing Qi Gong program with Lee Holden today. Order all four Qi Gong titles featured on PBS & American Public Television, and rotate your exercises to provide variety and a balanced healing regimen for a broad range of benefits.

Start your morning with Qi Gong Flow for Beginners  then end the day with Qi Gong for Stress. If you've been spending a lot of time at your desk, take a break for a ten-minute segment from Qi Gong for Upper Back & Neck Pain or Qi Gong for Low Back Pain to clear tension in areas commonly affected by work-place stress.

QiGong for Beginners (DVD): A great way to begin your practice.
QiGong for Stress (DVD): The perfect antidote to hectic modern life.
QiGong for Upper Back and Neck Pain (DVD): After a long day of computers and cell phones, this does the trick to "unkink" a common trouble spot.
QiGong for Low Back Pain (DVD): Relax the back with this soothing workout.
Mix and match these four comprehensive routines to create a truly customized healing workout  for yourself!

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