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"This traditional physician was blown away by the success of something I can't quite understand. I am very pleased! My body feels great. I can't recommend Lee more highly."
--Irv Olander, MD

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Six Week Courses

Discover Qi

Discover Qi:
A Six Week Journey to Health and Vitality

Online Course: $199.00 - $225.00

Lee Holden

Discover Qi: 
A Six Week Journey to Health and Vitality

Six week online course: $199.00
(Comes with Qi Workout AM/PM online version only)
Six week online course: $225.00
(Comes with DVD Qi Workout AM/PM)

Discover Qi is a beginners guide into truly experiencing life force energy for yourself. In this six week, comprehensive online course, you'll discover the many benefits of working with qi: self-healing, more vitality, and effortless flow through your daily life.


• Six onlne video sessions 
Guided instruction on practices that you can customize to suit your skills and schedule

• Audio teachings
Using healing sounds for emotional healing to circulate energy for spiritual connection

• Written material
Boost your knowledge of your physical and energetic anatomy, Taoist healing terms, and more

• Interactive Personal Journal 
Write down your progress and thoughts


Discover Qi

Postures of Power

Awaken Your Inner Strength and Power
(5 streaming video classes)
Price: $49.95 Limited time: $29.95

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Postures of Power:
$49.95 Limited time: $29.95  Buy Now

Awaken Your Inner Strength & Power

Discover what ancient masters have known for thousands of years - Your body has tremendous energy, potential, and power. This potential was tapped into through certain postures, breathing exercises, and meditations that you will learn through this course.

Postures of Power awakens your internal energy. Qi is the term used to describe life-force energy. It is the essence of life, the core of who you are, the electricity behind the heart, the light in your consciousness, the current through the nervous system. Qi is to your mind, body, spirit what electricity is to your computer.

Postures of Power is designed to release dormant energy, bringing forth inner strength and power. People who practice these postures report remarkable results, starting everyday full of vitality, overcoming illness, spiritual awakening. This course will give you a tactile experience of Qi. From this experience, wisdom, insight, and a profound connection to the source of life is established.

Discover for yourself what power and energy can be accessed inside yourself.

NOTE:  This class is a self-paced online program.  Once you sign up for this program, you'll have access to all course content and materials for a unlimited period of time.  We are continually improving this program. When updates are made, they automatically take affect on your account.

The Healing Sounds: Transform Stress into Vital Energy

Self paced online course: Price - $29.95

* This online class is taken from Lee Holden's Health and Healing Kit.

This course contains the following:

  • Online Workbook
  • Six written descriptions of each sound
  • Three Audio lectures tracks
  • Five Element Sound tracks
  • Healing Sounds audio meditation
  • Standing Practice online video
  • Healing Sounds Meditation online video
  • Online journal

Self Paced Course

Healing Sounds

The Healing Sounds:
Transform Stress into Vital Energy

Online Course: $29.95

Lee Holden

Qi Workout AM/PM

Qi Workout AM PM: Online

Qi Gong Exercises to Recharge
Yourself Each Day
(Streaming and Digital Download)

  Buy Now

Powerful Energy Practices to Support You through Each Day and Night

How you start and finish your day can have a pronounced impact on your quality of life. Now, master teacher Lee Holden presents gentle, time-honored qi gong practices for giving yourself a “lightning flash of vitality” each morning to fill your body with energy, and a “relaxing infusion” before bedtime to help you sleep soundly through the night.

On Qi Workout AM/PM, Holden guides you step-by-step through a pair of effortless movement exercises that you can do in under 40 minutes, allowing you to:

• Boost your physical energy and emotional balance to start the day right—or give you an energetic jump start any time
• Release blockages and stagnant qi (or life energy) from the body to improve organ function and internal energy flow
• Enhance your overall fitness through safe, low-impact exercise
• Clear tension held in the muscles and nerves, calming the body and mind for deeper rest at night

Lee Holden's ability to help beginners discover the health-promoting benefits of qi gong has made him one of the most popular teachers today of this growing practice. With Qi Workout AM/PM, he presents an accessible training DVD for anyone who wants to experience the energy-boosting benefits of qi gong—and develop a daily practice that can lead to a lifetime of good health.
Note: These exercises are also included in the Qi Gong for Health and Healing training course.

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Digital Download/ Streaming:

Contents 2 video files (M4V) (333 MB and 377 MB)
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