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"Qi Gong is such a powerful resource for patients to do for themselves. My clients are thrilled with the results."
--Karen Jew, Acupuncturist

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Discover Qi

Postures of Power:
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Awaken Your Inner Strength & Power

Discover what ancient masters have known for thousands of years - Your body has tremendous energy, potential, and power. This potential was tapped into through certain postures, breathing exercises, and meditations that you will learn through this course.

Postures of Power awakens your internal energy. Qi is the term used to describe life-force energy. It is the essence of life, the core of who you are, the electricity behind the heart, the light in your consciousness, the current through the nervous system. Qi is to your mind, body, spirit what electricity is to your computer.

Postures of Power is designed to release dormant energy, bringing forth inner strength and power. People who practice these postures report remarkable results, starting everyday full of vitality, overcoming illness, spiritual awakening. This course will give you a tactile experience of Qi. From this experience, wisdom, insight, and a profound connection to the source of life is established.

Discover for yourself what power and energy can be accessed inside yourself.


NOTE:  This class is a self-paced online program.  Once you sign up for this program, you'll have access to all course content and materials for a unlimited period of time.  We are continually improving this program. When updates are made, they automatically take affect on your account.

How It Works

Qi is described as life-force energy. It is the secret substance that gives life meaning, magic, zest, and excitement. Ancient masters from the East and West have taught that health, vitality, and longevity are determined by the way in which qi flows through the body. Join master instructor Lee Holden on a remarkable inner journey into discovering your own inner resources and power.

People who regularly practice qi gong report truly remarkable results, from being able to start every day full of vitality, to overcoming serious illness, to genuine spiritual awakening. This course is designed to give practitioners the experience and power of Qi.

Think of this qi gong practice as both a power workout and a moving meditation. This course will give you the combined benefits of fitness, flexibility, and mindful relaxation. Although the body is moving, the mind remains centered and calm, creating a dynamic sense of tranquility and internal strength.

The way the body moves and feels during qi gong practice is like moving through water – soft and smooth, slow and rhythmic. The long, deep breath used in qi gong rises and falls with the same rhythmic regularity as waves on the ocean. The mind resting in the unruffled stillness of meditation is often compared to the surface of a lake on a windless day, calmly reflecting the silent clarity of the sky above.