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Qi Gong for Deep Sleep DVD

Qi Gong for Deep Sleep DVD


A good night's sleep is magic.  It transforms fatigue into vitality, emotional stress into inspiration, and mental turbulence into clarity and focus. In this routine, Host and Master Qi Gong Instructor Lee Holden helps viewers transition from a hectic day, letting go of daily stress and replacing that tension with relaxation, tranquility, and inner peace. 

This 42 minute Qi Gong routine offers a practical, easy way to clear emotional stress and physical tension -- and transition into a deep restful sleep. The first part of the routine focuses on opening the lungs and deepening the breath.  This will balance your nervous system and help transform stress into an inner calm.  Next, we focus on neck, shoulder, and upper back stretches to release chronic tension and unconscious tightness.  The routine progresses into rhythmic, flowing movements that infuse the body with relaxing energy and settle emotional turbulence.  At the end of the routine, Holden has included a special floor routine for insomnia.

Routine Approx. 42 minutes
Bonus Material Approx. 12 minutes
(Floor routine good for insomnia)

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