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Qi Gong for Stress

Qi Gong for Stress


By focusing on your breath as you do these exercises (which mirror the movements found in nature), you connect to a profound sense of relaxation and healing power.

Ease the chronic effects of a busy life with the gentle, flowing movements of Qi Gong.  Lee Holden guides you through a serene, relaxing workout that transforms stress into a healthy source of energy!

Some exercises are performed standing, while others are done seated or lying down.

Qi Gong switches the nervous system from the stress-related ‘fight or flight’ mode to the restorative healing mode of the parasympathetic branch.  EEG shows that, in people practicing Qi Gong, the cerebral cortex enters a state of calm that few people experience, even in sleep.

Approx. 40 mins. exercise time

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