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Qi Gong Moving Meditation DVD

Qi Gong Moving Meditation DVD


Master Instructor Lee Holden teaches the art of movement through meditation in this 34 minute Qi Gong program. Combining exercise, stretch, flowing movements, and mindfulness, this ancient form of exercise is poetry through movement.  

What if you could combine the benefits of exercise with mind calming power of meditation? Everyone knows that exercise delivers amazing health and longevity benefits, but fewer people are aware of the power of meditation. Research suggests that meditation slows down the aging process and contributes to overall health and well-being, while also cultivating creativity and mental clarity.

Think of meditation as a mini-vacation from the fast-paced, intense, emotionally draining world we live in. It is an inner journey where you will discover peace, tranquility and a state of deep relaxation. This program focuses on mindfulness and “flow” through movement and energetic awareness. In this program, host Lee Holden teaches a form of meditation using focused movement to center the mind and body. Using slow, continuous Qi Gong flows, Holden trains viewers to integrate body, mind, and breath. Use this DVD any time you want to steady yourself in the present moment and unwind back to a place of being centered and balanced.

Routine Approx. 34 minutes
Bonus Meditations Approx. 22 min 
(Includes Seated and Standing)

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