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Qi Gong for Seniors

Qi Gong for Seniors


Add years to your life AND life to your years with the ancient art of Qi Gong! This unique program is specifically designed to restore youthful vigor, energy, and overall well-being.

Follow along with Lee standing, or with Lee's mom while seated!

A QiGong Fact:

The average person uses only five to ten percent of his or her 15 billion brain cells; yet studies show that Qi Gong activates 90 percent of the human brain by suffusing it with stimulating bioelectric currents.  This results in significant memory improvement, learning, and enhancement of the physiological functions controlled by the brain.

Studies also show that practicing Qi Gong increases the level of essential neurotransmitters in the blood.  Deficiency of these elements can cause Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, chronic depression, and insomnia.


Developed thousands of years ago, Qi Gong is practiced by over 100 million people worldwide as a way to experience a longer, more active life.  The gentle, fluid movements increase energy, open the joints, stretch muscles, and enhance balance.  QiGong is the perfect exercise system for Seniors!   In this program, there are two unique routines, one that's done standing with no assistance -- and one that uses a chair for extra balance.  There's also a routine that can be done seated, which is demonstrated by Lee's mom.

This easy-to-follow Qi Gong workout will also:

•    Increase Longevity
•    Build a Stronger Immune System
•    Build Bone Strength
•    Improve Balance and Walking
•    Increase Range of Motion, Flexibility
•    Ease Arthritis Pain
•    Lower Blood Pressure

Special Bonus Features:

•    Interview with Lee Holden
•    Pocket Routine Guide
•    How to Use this DVD

Standard Routine:  30 mins. / Modified Routine and Bonus Content:  1 hr. 10 min.

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