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7-Minutes of Magic - DVD

7-Minutes of Magic - DVD


Seven minutes is all it takes to dramatically improve the quality of your life. Lee Holden's best-selling DVD, 7 Minutes of Magic, is for anyone that wants to experience the magical benefits of Qi Gong in the shortest amount of time.

Are you pushing at the fabric of the universe to create more time? Is your day a whirlwind from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep? Are the demands of the outside world slowly nibbling at your very existence? If this sounds familiar…STOP! In the time it takes to run and grab a latte, you can find the strength and energy you need to take on the world, naturally.

Qi Gong is the balance between energy and relaxation. The 7 Minutes of Magic DVD contains three seven-minute routines that fit into even the busiest lifestyles. The morning routine gives you the strength and energy to make it through today's non-stop world. The evening routine helps you wind down, de-stress, and enjoy a good night's sleep. And finally, there's an exceptionally gentle third routine, perfect for day or night.

The 7 Minutes of Magic DVD contains:

  • Two AM routines (the standard 7-minute routine, and a longer, 15-minute version with added instruction)
  • Two PM routines (both the standard and extended versions)
  • An additional 7-minute routine of gentle, standing movements, great for taking it easy or adding variety
  • A handy pocket routine guide that lists the movements and benefits of each routine – perfect for traveling
  • An informative 34-minute interview with the DVD's instructor and Qi Gong master, Lee Holden
  • Behind-the-scenes video on the making of 7 Minutes of Magic
  • Introductory segment

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