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Qi Gong Flow for Beginners

Qi Gong Flow for Beginners


Qi Gong Flow for Beginners by Lee Holden, has been featured on American Public Television and PBS stations nationwide.  It's a gentle "moving meditation" that releases tension, cultivates energy, and helps connect you to your own inner sense of balance and harmony.

Qi Gong mirrors the movements of nature, especially the fluidity of water. Qi Gong Flow for Beginners trains the body to be more relaxed, creating a sense of effortless ease.  You'll find yourself slipping into the moment as the body circulates newfound internal energy. Although the body is moving, the mind remains centered, creating a dynamic balance between tranquility and internal strength.

This beginner program by Lee Holden strengthens the entire body by following the natural flow of energy in the body. You'll learn the five "postures of power," and enjoy a  series of standing meditations that will restore your internal balance.  Filmed on the banks of a beautiful canyon stream, this is a delightful way to restore harmony to your body, mind and spirit.  Note: this routine is performed standing.  (30 minutes)

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